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Hey everyone! YES, it has been a hot minute since you last heard from me lol

I have honestly just been so busy with my one on one clients I haven’t got around to putting up any blogs and social content has been lagging too. Sometimes you must pick your battles and looks like the social media side had to take a back seat.

I am a one man show, I have no one helping me with any of my business stuff, so I try my very best to keep on top of it all but sometimes something must give.

Anyway, enough with my pity party excuses on being productive, here is a great blog and helpful tips to get back into your fitness routine once the holidays are over and kidlets are shipped off back to school.

I know it can be stressful and overwhelming at times to fit everything in, it gives some anxiety at the thought of it.

Stress less my strong Legends, let’s start this year’s fitness with planning and more IMPORTANTLY making sure we stick with the plans we set and remain……. CONSISTENT!!

So, what to do first…. Let’s start with this…


  1. Set your goals, short and long term

  2. Have a written plan each week containing your times to train, rest, pick up kids etc

  3. HAVE ZERO EXCUSES to deviate from above plan (illness and traumatic event should be your only excuse)

  4. Go into EVERY training session/workout with purpose and intent to get one step closer to your goal

  5. Drink lots of water

  6. Make protein the no.1 priority of every meal

  7. STOP weighing yourself, start taking progress photos – FORGET THE NUMBERS ON THE SCALE

  8. Eliminate negative unsupportive people

  9. Wake EVERY morning with a positive thought, just do it – you will be surprised how much it affects the rest of your day 😊

  10. Make lifestyle changes that you can maintain

  11. Do some sort of physical activity every day, that ca be something as simple as taking the stairs, walking to work, parking the car a little further away

  12. Take note of how good healthy, fresh wholesome foods make you feel.

  13. Try minimizing all processed foods and refined sugar

  14. Have food prepped and ready to go in the fridge

  15. Make sure you are Progressing in the gym – not just going through the motions

  16. De clutter your house and pantry – this really does make a difference to your everyday routine

  17. Make a to do list everyday and tick it off

So, there you go, here are my top tips that I apply every day. It keeps me on track not only with my nutrition and exercise but with my day to day life as well.

I think if you really struggling to stay on top of things, you best getting yourself a planner and put everything down for the week, kids drop off, sports, pickups, grocery shopping…Everything. Be diligent and stick to it each week and watch how smooth everything flows 😊

I also suggest planning out all your meals for yourself and the family, be prepared all aspects not only with your meals, this way NO EXCUSES that you didn’t have time to train because you had gone grocery shopping.

I often hear with some of my clients who are on a meal plan, that they don’t want to eat different food to their family members. WELL…. normally the only different thing on the plate would be the protein source as the other foods on your plan would be veggies. This to me is just other excuses because if you can’t sacrifice cooking and extra protein for yourself to whatever your family is having, you honestly do not want your results bad enough.

Remember guys…Being successful and obtaining your goals all comes down to being organised, having a set routine and consistency. I doubt anyone could name a highly successful person who does not follow those basic rules. It is what it is, some might say “ah that’s boring way to live”. I disagree, its only “boring” if you allow it to be, having a set routine does not have to rule your life, it’s just basic things/activities you follow every day to get things done. It does not mean you can not socialise or have fun. Again…people who say that are simply people who do not have the drive or ambition to get to the goals they Really want or sadly more so… know they do not have the will power or work ethic to do it.

So, if you are getting started with a routine, just keep it basic BUT make sure you follow it every day. Then as you get the hang of it, add a couple more things to get done or to complete everyday or week and so on. Make sure you tick everything off as you go along because remember if you WANT to achieve something bad enough, you WILL make it happen and you WILL NOT have excuses.

Let’s make 2020 the year for achieving great things! Here’s to happiness, health and wealth in all areas of life.

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